• COACHES’ CORNER: Procedures

    Steps to End the Season

    Once the season is completed, please make sure to attend to ech of the following immediately. These details are part of the responsibilities of coaching and require your attention, prior planning and best effort. 

    1. In order to be paid, it is required that the Coaches’ Checkout Form be initialed completely. 
      Coaches' Check Out Form

    2. All uniforms and equipment, including medical kits, that were issued to you prior to the start of the season must be collected, accounted for and turned in for storage. PLEASE NOTE THAT UNIFORMS MUST BE LAUNDERED. You MUST ACCOUNT FOR EVERYTHING issued to you by the athletic department. Every returned item must be in usable condition less normal wear and tear. It is imperative that you attend to this task without delay. 

    3. You are required to complete and submit an End of Season Inventory Form. You also must account for all athletic department property not returned by athletes regardless of the reason. Please provide a list that includes the name of the athlete and the specific item(s) missing including uniform numbers. Please be sure to account for everything. The athletic department may hold items not accounted for in your final inventory against your stipend. 
      Inventory Form
    4. Make arrangements for an awards ceremony of some kind for your athletes and their parents. Utilize your team parents/managers to organize an event. Notify the athletic department of the date, time and location of the event. 

    5. Turn in your awards information to the athletic department at least 10 school days prior to your awards ceremony. List your athletes alphabetically by year in school and indicate what awards they have earned. Make sure to indicate which athletes are to receive special awards (i.e. MVP, etc.). 

    6. Varsity head coaches need to arrange a time with the Athletic Director for your post-season evaluation. Please do so reasonably soon after the end of the season. Head coaches are expected to evaluate all other paid coaches in their program, fill out the District form and return it to the AD for the file. 

    7. Varsity head coaches should continue to check their mailbox throughout the school year and summer for all mail, league information and athletic department updates.