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    The Drake Agenda Committee meets the week prior to DLC meetings

    to review agenda items that have been submitted.

    The committee will review items and request additional information if needed.

    The committee will determine the appropriate meeting for the agenda item.

    The person submitting the agenda item will be notified

    of DHS meeting group and date the item will be discussed.

    Item Proposal is due the Wednesday before the DLC meeting (see dates here)




    Name:   _______________________________________________________________


    Agenda Item:   _________________________________________________________


    Drake Meeting to beDiscussed:    ____   Staff     ____     T.L.      ____ DLC




      Summary of Agenda Item (if needed)













      Agenda Category:  (check one category)                                         Agenda Committee


         ___  FOR INFO ONLY  (brief discussion/no action)                                    Time: _____


         ___   ACTION  (discussion & action)                                                           Time: _____


         ___   DELAYED ACTION (to constituents for info/then back for action         Time: _____



    For Action Items – attach written detail and motion



     ___   ___  ___   ___   ___  ___   ___   ___  ___   ___   ___  ___   ___   ___  ___   ___



    Agenda Committee:


     DHS Meeting Group: _____________________           Date:  ________________________


     Notification Date:  ________________________          By: __________________________