• What is Leadership Class


    Leadership class consists of a dedicated group of 60 RHS students who meet in Room 280/282 at 7:05 every morning. They convene to efficiently discuss ideas for improving Redwood spirit and student participation in Redwood's extra curricular activities. They perform jobs throughout the school year ranging from planning dances, organizing game nights, managing spirit gear sales, and spreading public awareness campaigns. These students are voting members of the Redwood High School Associated Student Body which meets every Thursday at 7:05am in room 182 where all student clubs and finances are managed. The Redwood Leadership class has approximately 15 students from every grade level including class officers (president, vice-presidente, secretary, treasurer) and school wide positions such as Site Council Representatives and the TUHSD Student Board Trustee Representative. As a member of the Leadership class students work on developing strong communication skills, become active leaders and listeners, while trying to make their high school experience the best possible.  Leadership students are a role models for the school and always strive to keep a positive attitude and always make each event as successful as possible!

    Interested in joining?  Leadership class is only a semester long class. Application are available every November for Spring semester and every April for Fall semester. Elected officers are automatically given a reserved spot in the class and members at large are selected based upon  recommendations, a written application, and an oral interview.

Last Modified on March 8, 2019