• To help you keep track of your grade, please record your graded assignments as they are returned to you into these sheets below.  All HW assignments are posted on the website each day in the unit calendars, and the Assignment Pages list the assignments and worksheets due in each packet on quiz and test days.  Packets are officially late and may not be counted if not submitted prior to my grading them.  Assignment Items are published by each due date.  Scores are entered shortly afterward once I grade them.  Individual scores are published at the end of each grading period.
    The breakdowns are as follows:
    Quiz = 20 points
    HW = 2 pts. per assignment
    Notes = 1 pt. per lesson 
    Lesson WarmUps = 5 times 3 pts. = 15 points per unit
    Test = 50 points
    Other assessments might be a 30 point Tuiz or a 40 point Quest (usually in Trig or Stat.)
    To calculate each unit grade, add up your points earned divided by the sum of total points per unit.  Add up all your points divided by the total possible in class for your cumulative semester grade to date.  
    If you were absent during a quiz, exclude that from the total possible.  If you were present during a quiz or test but did not submit HW or Notes packets, count those as ZER0s. 
    Answer the following questions at the end of each grading period:
    #1.   a)   What ratio of assignments have you turned in on time?
            b)   What percentage of total points possible are calculated in your grade?
    #2.  What is your Test percentage (adding up only your test scores)?
    #3.  What is your Quiz percentage (only quiz scores)?
    #4.  What is your HW and Notes completion percentage (only points from packets)?
    #5.  What is your Lesson Warmup percentage (LW / Total)?
    #6.  What percentage of your grade is based on 
       a)  Tests (Test points/total points)?
       b)  Quizzes (Quiz points/total)?
       c)  Assignments (HW pts./total pts.)?
       d)  Notes (Notes pts. only out of total)?
       e)  Lesson warmups (LW points over sum total)?
       a) What is your strongest grade, categorically (HW/Tests/Quizzes/LW/Notes/etc.)?
       b) What do you need to work on the most to improve your grade?
    #8.  List each of your unit grades, followed by a running total of the cumulative grade after each unit.
       a)  Find these percentages to estimate how much of your grade each successive test is worth:
             50/100 = ?   50/200 = ?   50/300 = ?   50/400 = ?   50/500 =?   50/600 = ?  
       b) 100/700 = ?  (This last one is for a 100 point final exam)
    #9.  Asssuming there are 100 points per unit and two units per grading period, 
       a)  What is the BEST POSSIBLE % you can get if you earn 100% of the remaining points?
       b)  What is the worst possible % you will get if you get zer0s for the rest of the semester?
    #10.  If the final is 100 points, what will you need to earn on it to 
       a) Get an A?
       b) Avoid an F?
       c) Keep the letter grade you have?   
    (Add 100 to the total and multiply by 90%, 80%, 70% etc. and then subtract your current points from that answer.  This is what you need to score.)
    Here are the breakdowns for Geometry Fall 2015.
    grade weights
    Unit1 = 112 points, 17%; Unit2 114 pts., 17%; Unit3 116 pts, 18%; Unit4 119 pts., 18%; Unit 5 100 pts, 15%;
    Final 100 pts., 15%
    The first pie chart is the unit and final percentages. 
    Geoemtry Point Breakdown
    The second is the category points.
    HW 22%; Quizzes 12%;  Warmups 12%; Tests 54%

Last Modified on January 21, 2016