• The College Interview


    Purpose:  To help the college gather further information about your suitability as a candidate and to help you determine if this college is a good match.


    Before the Interview:  Evaluate yourself:  identify your strengths, interests, weaknesses.  Compose a list of questions about this college and its admissions process.  Dress comfortably but appropriately.


    At the Beginning:  Shake hands with the interviewer; look the interviewer directly in the eye; know the interviewer’s name-ask him or her to repeat it if you did not hear it the first time; introduce your parents, if they are with you, and then invite them to leave.


    The Interview:  An interview can last an hour and can be divided into six different parts:


    • Personal Background:  Where you have grown up, your parent’s occupation/interests, information about siblings and colleges attended by family members.  The purpose is to put you at ease.
    • Academic Background:  Information about Drake High and your curriculum.  Why have you taken certain classes?  Any academic awards?
    • Extracurricular:  What activities mean the most to you and why?  Have you had any specific roles within an activity?
    • Academic Interest:  What are you interested in studying and how have these interests            developed?  What are you future career goals?
    • College Choice:  What are you looking for in a college/university?  What expectations do you have in a school?
    • Why this school:  What brings you to this particular school?  How does this school fit into your criteria?

    Questions to expect:

    ·         Tell me about your high school – what kind of environment does it have?

    ·         What has been the most difficult course you have taken during high school?

    ·         Is there a specific teacher or course that has really caught your interest?  Can you explain why?

    ·         What has been the most exciting academic project you done in high school? What has been your most significant academic accomplishment?

    ·         Tell me what you have read outside of school lately.

    ·         How would you use your talents at our university?

    ·         What has been the most significant personal challenge you have ever faced?

    ·         If I were to visit your school and talk with some of your friends, how would they describe you to me?

    ·         What are your plans for after college?

    ·         What specific questions can I help you with?


    After the Interview:  Thank the interviewer, shake hands, say good bye.  Write a thank you note to the person who interviewed you.


    Last edited by Sheila R Souder on 11/16/2011