• Hidden Dreams

    You look up and see the clouds above mold themselves into new mysterious dreams,
    dreams about hidden alleyways, thieves, and the forever unseen world.
    Between the pages of the mysterious storybooks is where they are hidden.

    They won’t show themselves. They won’t show their true forms. They are in the pages,
    The large blue eyes staring down at the pale pages searching for the characters, only to
    fall asleep and see them in their dreams.
    You wait and see, one day when you are grown, you will find this world.

    Without the tall tales which you were told, you would never had know this was your
    ideal world.
    Now you are older and you realize that, and you know. You have to keep it hidden.
    Although it is in the back of your mind you will always remember the mysterious
    storybooks that you looked through to find your true dreams.

    Only a child at heart would remember their dreams, the dreams of their ideal worlds
    where all their worries were locked away. Hidden.