• Neptune Girl 
    Red ribbons are dancing away from braided hair
    Floating softly to cold hardwood floor
    Happy to be free of bow, ties, and knots, forever
    Disappear safe and sound beneath the couch

    The ribbons' best friends
    Are a pair of lonely white gloves
    Stuffed to the bottom of a drawer forgotten
    Watching the seasons come and go but were always waiting
    The lonely white gloves were remembered today
    They sang a song as they ventured outside
    To greet the first snowflake falling from the sky

    The girl who wears these gloves has a name
    The people, they call her Neptune Girl
    For she walks the Earth but lives on Neptune
    Her mind is elsewhere, she sees music and touches sweetness
    Earth betrayed her, freezing her fondest memories in sheets of ice
    So Neptune Girl is somewhere else

    When Neptune Girl returns home
    She is greeted by a friendly monster
    The other children run when it roars to life
    Neptune Girl is the only one who understands
    It is only there to keep them warm
    The friendly monster

    While the monster fades to the background
    Children are imagining much scarier things
    They envelope a beautiful city with fear
    Thinking of the time it took for the skyscrapers to rise
    Towering and Cowering
    Distainfully they are brought to the ground
    Admiring the Legos, all over the hardwood floor
    They go to work building all over again

    Neptune girl is far from the City of Destruciton
    Neptune girl is searching for her red ribbons
    But they are nowhere to be found