• The Quiet 
    Humming, echoing, calming
    Deep and mysterious, your voice comes out of nowhere.
    And I am instantly calmed
    I slump in the seat, content to hear your smooth voice.
    Like the oceans ebb and flow, I could listen all day.
    I feel at home like a fish in salty, cool water.
    The humming like the current fast and directing
    Yet slow and unguiding all the same.
    Your voice washes over me, creating goose bumps all over.
    Slow and steady you sing along, yet I cannot
    I am merely being pushed and pulled by your song
    And do not wish to interrupt.
    The song ends and you look at me, the sun through a storm.
    I look back and smile, happy and calm.
    You ask me what’s wrong, still smiling arm around me
    I say nothing, and start to sing along.