• Sestina
    Life is a one world wonder
    When looking, your life
    is a complicated pathway to nowhere
    that crumbles like a piece of paper.
    You stand back and look
    at how it falls down in one big “whoosh.”

    Its falling like Ground Zero
    You’re life is a bigger one world wonder
    Looking back you stare at it
    but looking at your life becomes difficult.
    It keeps crumbling but slowly now
    to another pathway that’s brighter

    The pathway glows with light
    Upon the cracks and crumbles of life
    that crumble like some dried paint,
    down life as the one world wonder.
    Looking back at you from blind eyes
    You stare at it like in a staring contest

    The staring contest never ends
    Which becomes another pathway in life,
    that you look at but doesn’t crumble
    that doesn’t create the big “whoosh.”
    This life brightens before your eyes
    and does not crumble like the twin towers.

    The crumbles rewind themselves
    As you look upon them with glee.
    Life no longer is a one world wonder dying
    slower each time. But a brighter pathway
    to someplace. It builds itself piece by piece
    shining like a star. It no longer looks at you but urges you to go on.

    Instead you look up at a different life
    It does not crumble when you gaze upon it
    There is no “whoosh” only silence.
    You draw closer and closer until you are nose to nose
    It no longer is a complicated pathway going nowhere
    It no longer is a one world wonder

    As it builds, you keep walking closer.
    You look and look at it put itself together
    and as it fixes itself, it becomes something better