• Abstract Lilies

    My pen is an elephant with hooves
    that leave the prints of words
    In the soft bamboo piles of Thailand.
    I watch as the leaves change, autumn to spring
    and smell the return of dusk.
    My feet sink deep into the clouds of tomorrow
    but today I'll hear the sun drown my face.
    I can taste the music of crashing waves.
    Janie Jenkins lies along the Hudson River
    crossing her arms in disbelief;
    "The autumn leaves don't change,
    they simply fall."
    The skin on my hand covers my fingers,
    engraved in it wrinkles different than any.
    This, I am chill, but no, not in the snow
    becuase my hair is braided.
    And no, "O, that this too too solid flesh would melt,"
    I am already water.
    Flowing down stream as the salmon swim against it.
    The abstract lilies of time
    float backwards to find the past.
    The Letter

    I thought I understood it
    Racing time as the seconds slow down
    And all the world travels on pebble stones.
    But I couldn't find it.

    I couldn't find it
    Only the eagerness of it.
    The shadow of question
    As I question the shadows.

    As I question the shadows
    The water color spills over my canvas
    Creating a painting
    Of something worth loving

    Something worth loving
    When the only truth is, I miss you.
    Write me a letter
    And send it some place beautiful.