• Personals

    All I eat is grapes
    The green ones are the best 

    I am the queen of dyslexic

    And I hide in my mind waiting for opportunit

    The only poems I write rhyme with time

    And my endless thoughts are aloud in my head

    Born to be a swimmer

    But I am a cheerleader full time

    The X-Factor makes me cry

    And I wish I had the chops to sing

    I suck at running

    But when the killer is running after you he probably has a gun anyway

    I thank everyone I meet

    So thank you

    Power Through 

    Dedication cannot be stopped by limitation 

    So we push through, so hard it gets fuzzy to see our goal

    Feeling lost, losing a leader, feeling our bones ache, and our Stomachs turn

    But we must keep going, keep counting, keep going

    Sweat, tears, blood, fears

    Flooding the mat, filling the time with stress 

    But we must keep going, keep pushing 

    Hitting the ground, feeling each others pain

    Two, then three, out for the count, agony becoming them 

    But we have to keep going, pick up and carry the injured

    Continue with the new found weight

    Hope is lost, the feeling is gone, but we must keep going

    Push through the tired, swim through the waves of lost hope

    And make it to the other side 

    It gets harder to go on, but we stay strong 

    We fight to the bitter end

    And then the next day, we do it again