• Censorship

    Big Brother is coming, 

    The censors are forming.

    The internet’s not growing,

    But shrinking instead.


     The total impact of

    Totalitarianism all started 

    When knowledge was guarded 

    By sensors to info on computers.


    Land of the free?

    What’s free about censorship?

    Government is controlling the ride,

    And there’s broken tracks at the end of it.


    Save thought NOW, 

    Before thought ends.

    If Big Brother comes to town,

    It’s only the beginning.  

    The Lagoon 

    Night has fallen
    The moon shines on the lagoon.
    The steam is highlighted
    A mystery to unfold.
    Why am I here?
    To be healed by the magic waters?
    No, I have no external pain.
    The water is soft, and let's me drift on.
    It is life, and it holds mine in the balance.
    The steam envelopes me now,
    I don't know where I am.
    Maybe I did come here to be healed,
    To forget who I am, and just drift on.