• Where The Couch Crack Goes 

    Have you ever lost a dime

                or a remote or a sweet?

    To the crack between the cushions

                on the couch that forms your seat?

    Did you ever take the time to wonder 

                when or where it goes 

    A friend of mine did

                and where she went no one knows.

    So I decided to do the same 

                to take a chance to see.

    But I made sure to prepare

                the things I know I need.

    One rope, three hairbands,

                a pen and a packet of gum,

    Of all the stuff I plan to bring

                those are only some.

    I have to take a change of clothes

                in case the weather is cold,

    One umbrella, two boots, and

                all the socks my sack can hold.

    Some tape, some scissors

                and a compass (which might not work);

    Are there poles inside the crack?

                or just some other quirk?

    One sleeping bag, one tent,

                and a pillow to help me sleep;

    It could be days to find my friend

                and all the candy I couldn’t keep.

    But I wonder if I’ll be okay

                once I get inside the crack.

    How big is it? Are there monsters?

                Will I ever make it back?

    Could my popcorn have evolved

                and grown in size and smarts?

    Or will my barbies take revenge 

                and disconnect my parts?

    Maybe I shouldn’t explore the crack;

                it doesn’t need to be me 

    My parents should probably go instead; 

                after all, I’m only three!