The river’s like a flow of tears 

    The wind is a dying breath.

    Nature once was beautiful,

    But now it’s on the edge of death.

    Pollution is spreading far and wide.

    The world is being destroyed.

    Fast food is killing the rainforests,

    And bombs are being deployed.

    The compassion for life 

    Is the main quality

    that most people have lost.

    We’re the ones killing this planet,

    And stopping ourselves has too much cost.

    Nature’s being wrecked and killed,

    And no-one cares or wonders why.

    Thousands of animals need our help,

    But nobody hears their cry.

    I want this call to be heard soon,

    So that creatures besides me and you,

    Can have value not just as leather handbags,

    And be acknowledged as living things too. 

    The plants need help as much as animals,

    But no-one wonders why flowers bloom late.

    The bees are endangered 

    And because of this, someday 

    Plants might not pollinate. 

    I want all of nature to be treated with respect,

    And all people to open their eyes, 

    So that all children of Mother Nature

    Can live healthy, strong, free lives.