• Live in a Fishbowl

    shimmering gold
    the scaly beast flounders
    all eyes watching
    the poor thing die

    he lives in the bowl
    that all look upon
    life itself stares
    sweeping it's briny eyes
    searching the closed bowl
    for the fish
    who knows not what
    deliciously remote dangers
    the life in a fishbowl entices

    no one thinks
    of what the beast feels
    to be observed all hours of the day
    to be charted
    and fed upon schedule

    no one knows
    how it feels to be measured
    compared and contrasted
    having ogling eyes gaping
    like round swollen grapes
    pressed upon the glass

    you feel the stare
    but can do nothing about it


    the dark looming silence
    closes in
    sinking its malevolent
    crisp white teeth
    embedding them
    deep into the girl's
    petrified mind
    eyes bugging open
    her heart stands
    unmoving to the
    terrible shift that has come
    as prophecy forbade us
    warning the bitter tears of human kind
    of it's ominous appearance
    we can say no more
    the future holds
    a past so present
    it cannot continue
    perilous choices
    and cold decisions
    and, somewhere,
    that ever-present hope
    that the darkness would