• Nightfall

    Darkness captures the sun,

    A thief lulling its prey,

    Vainly the sun reaches out,

    Setting the blue sky ablaze.

    The flames of the sky,

    Reach their fiery fingers in,

    To steal the forest's light,

    Singeing the horizon.

    The clouds sing a lullaby,

    Trying to soothe the fire,

    Flames dancing in water,

    Slowly begin to tire.

    Silvery water of the moon,

    Blankets the warm sky,

    Seeping through the scorching heat,

    Droplets gracefully soar high.

    A velvety darkness envelops the land,

    A quilt in which the universe sleeps,

    Quietly the breeze blows through the leaves,

    And the gnarled trees gently creak.