• Digital Age

    Our feats of technology are incredible

    Some of them even seem edible

    We can examine the stars

    And drive gigantic cars

    When a friend is in China

    You can skype her from Carolina

    We can do virtual tennis

    When on vacation in Venice

    So if our brains have evolved

    Why haven’t we solved

    The issues that effect

    But do not protect  

    Our wondrous earth

    Don’t you think it is worth

    Putting in more labor

    And so you can savor

    The beneficial results

    Don’t just leave it for the adults

    For our world is dying

    And few are crying

    For the loss of life

    And on the blade of a knife  

    Hangs the survival

    And perhaps the revival

    Of an animal and plant

    Because we say we can’t

    But really we can

    If only we plan

    You must take a stand

    To save our great land

    Because after all

    There’s no time to stall

    For we do evolve

    And we can solve

    The problems that riddle our earth