• Returning to Forever

    The nights are short, the days are long
    The weeks are seemingly endless.
    Some days I feel I don’t belong
    The best I can do is guess
    Which song will follow this
    In the soundtrack of my life.
    I wish it could all be elation and bliss
    But alas there will always be some strife
    All I can do is go with the flow
    Follow the river at every turn
    Don’t take it too fast, don’t take it too slow
    It seems sometimes you’ll always return
    To where you started without a voice.


    The sun a blazing comet

    Arching across the blue

    Banishing each and every thing

    That darkness tried to strengthen.

    Not a single drop of rain

    Clouds ejected from the sky

    Streams do nothing more than trickle

    O’er the dusty land.

    Lakeside lots overflowing

    Children eager to leap in

    Cool off in the dark cold depths

    Climb back out, run in again.

    Supposedly the days are long

    The hours seem so short

    Time flies by before you can do

    Half of what you wanted to.