• Hello December;

    I’ve been waiting for you, dreaming about you, for a long time.
    My love, how you fell and dissolved like snow.
    Caught up and lost in a thick blanket of similarities, yet not forgotten.
    You’re no longer here-were you ever? It was something intangible that aroused your disappearance.
    Was it the somberness of this month that led you astray?
    He said to me, “I think I’d rather be alone.”

    A Gasp in the Dark

    Your eyes strain in the fluorescent light.
    A stranger drops his suitcase,
    and I take in my last nostalgic breath.

    A gasp, simply to catch my breath,
    at the time it is seemingly light,
    however it could carry the weight of a suitcase.

    Your door is opened a crack; next to it, a suitcase.
    Packed full and void of breath.
    In the pensive hallway, there is no light.
    The sporadic flicker of candle light divulges the suitcase, closed by the ceasing of a stranger’s breath.