• Friday 1-19
    Human Geography
    World In The Balance/Demography
    HW-Complete an International current event analysis for Weds. 1/25
    Read 100-105 complete the key terms on 105 for Weds. 1/25
    Monday 1-23
    I will be out at meetings all day
    International Current Event Reading Analysis and the Key Terms on 105 are both due for Weds 1/25
    Bring video worksheet to class
    Wednesday 1-25
    Current Event /Reading Analysis due
     105 Key Terms due
    Bell Quiz on Key Terms
    Continue work on population/video
    Friday 1-27
    Read International Current events for EC/Discussion
    Population studies in Japan and India
    Anthropology case study
    HW-Read Population Explosion Article, annotate, print, and bring to class for Monday 1/30
    Monday 1-30
    The Population Explosion/Discussion
    No HW tonight
    Wednesday 2-1
    Review Population Explosion BQ
    Mini- Essay Practice
    Small group work on solutions to the population crisis
    Print out, staple, read, annotate, and bring to class Fri 2/3
    Monday 2-6
    Assign Groups and countries
    Finish reading A Women's Crusade by Wednesday
    HW-bring a fact about your country to class
    Wednesday 2-8
    Introduce Travelogue Project
    Begin project research
    HW-Read and complete a CE analysis on your country for Friday
    Bring research packet to class on Friday
    Friday 2-10
    CE Country Analysis due
    Country research ongoing
    Monday 2-13
    In class essay on the role of women in regards to foreign aid
    HW- bring research packet
    Wednesday 2-15
    Meet with Dr. Ernst's class to share and discuss country research and current events
    Conduct country research in library
    No HW
    Friday 2-17
    Meet with Dr. Ernst's class
    Complete country research
    Research packet due at the end of class
    No HW-have a great break
    Monday 2-27
    Read 227-231 and complete key terms
    HW-know the reading and the key terms for Wednesday
    Wednesday 2-29
    Mexico-review the HW reading
    Big Ideas-Culture Clash/Ethnocentrism/Beginnings of a global economy
    HW-read Mexico at the Crossroads pg. 2-11, and answer questions 1-4 and 1-8 for Monday
    Friday 3-2
    Meet in 2020 to work world cultures/english project
    HW-read 2-11 and answer all questions for Monday
    Monday 3-5
    HW questions due
    Read sources from Tenochtitlan Spanish/Aztec
    HW-finish the sources/questions for Wednesday
    Wednesday 3-7
    Sources/Questions due
    Meet in 2020 to look at Human Rights
    Friday 3-9
    Discuss Human Rights research
    Go over primary source documents and questions-Aztecs/Spanish
    Introduce DBQ Essay
    All documents read and annotated by end of class on Monday
    Monday 3-12
    Finish reading and annotating documents by end of class
    HW-select the six documents, write paragraphs (typed) for two of them, due Weds 3/14
    Please follow the instructions of step #3 in the overview
    Wednesday 3-14
    Six articles selected/due along with two typed paragraphs
    Work on new paragraphs in class
    Go over thesis ideas
    HW-remaining four document paragraphs due for Friday
    Dominique and everyone else needs to type these paragraphs
    Friday 3-16
    BQ-The Conquest
    Fall of the Aztecs DVD
    Work on thesis and outline
    HW-type and complete thesis, outline, and selected quotes for Wednesday 3/21
    Do not send this to the moodle
    Extra Credit-wear flannel on Wednesday
    Wednesday 3-21
    DBQ Essay
    Thesis, Outline, and Quotes 
    No HW-but essay is due Monday 3-26
    Bring all materials for essay on Friday
    Friday 3-23
    Work on essay
    Essay due-Monday 3-26
    Monday 3-26
    Hand in DBQ Essay
    African map work
    Monday 4-2
    In class writing
    HW-read 447-550 and answer questions 1-5 on section assessment Coastal Africa 447-550
    Wednesday 4-4
    Research Sierra Leone timeline
    Present findings
    Collect HW
    2020 for Friday
    No HW for Friday
    Wednesday 4-18
    Star Testing for the week
    Leopards of Zanzibar/Discussion
    No HW
    Monday 4-23
    Top 10 Myths of Africa
    NO HW
    Wednesday 4-25
    Film War Dance with Dr. Ernst
    Friday 4-27
    Finish War Dance
    Work in small groups/develop discussion questions
    HW- Film paragraph questions-Due next Friday
    Monday 4-30
    Work on War Dance responses
    Typed responses due Friday 5/4
    Wednesday 5-2
    Introduce African Current Events Broadcast
    Research a current event
    Work on an analysis
    War Dance Responses due Friday 5/4
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