• Thursday 1-19
    Sleep Review
    Psychological Disorders Project
    HW- Read and complete a current event analysis on a psychological disorder
    Due Mon 1-23
    Monday 1-23
    I will be out all day at meetings
    An overview of psychological disorders
    You can hand in your Current Event/Reading Analysis on Tues
    Tuesday 1-24
    Current Event/Reading Analysis is due
    Work on Psychological Disorders Project
    Thursday 1-26
    Work on Psychological Disorders project
    Topic overview, case studies, personal reflection, and presentation due Tuesday 1/31
    No HW for weekend
    Monday 1-30
    Finish Psychological Disorders Project
    Presentations, reflections, case studies, overviews due Tuesday 1/31
    Tuesday 1-31
    Psychological Disorder Presentations
    Thursday 2-2
    Finish Psychology Presentations
    Schizophrenia Video
    Print, Read, annotate, and bring to class on Monday 2/6
    Monday 2-6
    Read and annotate PTSD article
    No HW
    Tuesday 2-7
    Discussion Questions on PTSD Article
    Develop a mental health care plan for returning veterans
    Watch  The Soldier's Heart
    Thursday 2-9
    Begin Restrepo
    HW- print, read, and complete a reading analysis on Combat Trauma Takes the Stand  for Monday1/13
    Monday 2-13
    Finish Restrepo
    4th needs to read and respond to combat trauma article for Thursday
    Tuesday 2-15
    Discuss Restrepo
    How does the nature of warfare impact the development of PTSD
    Look at other forms of PTSD
    HW-Combat Trauma reading response due Thursday
    Thursday 2-17
    Combat Trauma response due
    Finish group research on other forms of PTSD
    Present group research findings to class
    No HW-have a great break-stay out of trouble
    Monday 2-27
    Pick topic for psychology research
    Tuesday 2-28
    Research for Self-Directed Project Self-Directed Rubric
    HW- bring in two pieces of research to class on Thursday
    Thursday 3-1
    Continue work/research on Self-Directed Project
    HW- bring in one article on your topic for Monday
    Project presentations will be on 3/8
    Monday 3-5
    Computer Lab for research
    No HW
    Tuesday 3-6
    Last day to research
    Project presentations and one-page reflection due Thursday
    Thursday 3-8
    Present Self-Directed projects
    No HW
    Monday 3-12
    Continue Presentations
    No HW
    Tuesday 3-13
    No HW
    Thursday 3-16
    Finish Presentations
    HW-print, read, annotate, and bring to class  NY Times article on twitching for Monday
    Tuesday 3-20
    BQ- NYT Article
    What happened to the Girls in Le Roy-small group work and discussion
    Thursday 3-22
    Does texting make you stupid?-Niall Ferguson
    Film-A Beautiful Mind
    HW-The Futile Pursuit of Happiness-print, read, annotate, and bring to class on Monday 3-26
    Monday 3-26
    BQ on happiness article
    No HW
    Tuesday 3-27
    Small group work/discusion on article
    No HW
    Monday 4-2
    Read PTSD Article and complete a CE analysis
    HW-print out, read, annotate PTSD article and bring to class for TuesdayNYT PTSD Article
    Tuesday 4-24
    All-Star Quilt Project
    Project and presentation due 4-26
    Thursday 4-26
    All-Star project due
    Present projects
    HW-Bring a psychology article to class for Monday
Last Modified on November 8, 2012