• Scholarship Awarded in Honor of

    Sue McDowell, an educator, mentor, and later, friend to countless students in the Ross Valley District over her 40-year career. She’s taught PE, US History and eventually created two popular elective courses for the District: Teens and the Law and Family Life.

    Scholarships Awarded in Memory of

    Harold Allison, principal of Drake High School from 1953 to 1971 who helped to make Drake one of the finest schools in California.

    Joseph Biasotti, Drake art teacher for over twenty years. An artist himself, he helped many students to pursue excellence in their artistic endeavors.

    Carl J. “Red” Brown, taught biology and physical education at Drake. He coached many sports at Drake from 1958 to 1978 & went on to serve as athletic director. After his retirement, he continued to assist with the football and basketball programs.

    “Chet” Carlisle, a man of distinguished achievement. Drake’s first principal, he also served as superintendent of the Tam District. Earlier, he was an All-American basketball star at U.C. Berkeley and a submarine commander in World War II.

    Jeremy Collins, Class of 2010, expressed his joy and wonder for life through his written words, art, and film. He had that focused discipline to spend hours composing poetry, writing stories, producing satirical drawings, and creating comedy shorts. As a young artist who was just finding his voice, Jeremy loved his time at Drake, and this scholarship and his body of work honor the memory of his young life.

    Merrill “Mike” and Elsie Convis. Elsie is the mother of Mike Convis, founder of the Drake Scholarship Foundation. She was honored by her children for her keen interest in young people. Mike Convis, Drake teacher and counselor, is honored for his vision, perseverance and generosity. This Foundation thrives because of his tireless efforts.

    Coach Bob Franceschini, a much loved and respected Drake teacher and coach for 31 years. As head football coach from 1958 to 1973, he led his team to four MCAL championships. Before he became a teacher, Bob received numerous awards as a football player in high school and college.

    Gery Gomez, son of Hall of Fame pitcher Vernon “Lefty" Gomez, loved sports and dedicated his time to coaching young athletes in their pursuit of athletic excellence.   Admired for his community service, sense of humor and  wonderful baseball stories, he lived life to the fullest.  A long familial history of Drake students including brother Duane Gomez~1972, grandson Andrew Brown~ 2012, son C. Austin Gomez-~ 2013, granddaughters Amanda Brown~ 2014, Kiersten Brown, Nicole Brown~2019, and son-in-law Joe Brown~1979, the scholarship is in honor of his memory and awarded to young scholars who show a love and dedication to sports. 

    Ellsworth Hagen, Drake science teacher for 30 years. Ellsworth, a gentleman and a scholar, was president and longtime board member of the Drake Scholarship Foundation.

    Barbara McCune, beloved College & Career Specialist from 1992-2010, was known for the care, commitment and love she shared with others. She was devoted to her family and dedicated to the entire Drake community. Barb gave her time freely in helping students pursue their life dreams. She was a Drake Scholarship Foundation board member for 19 years, serving terms as scholarship chair and president. She will be remembered for her bright smile and that special twinkle in her eye.

    Marilyn Lee Myers, an outstanding student, was a member of the 1959 graduating class at Drake. After obtaining her college degree from Pomona College, Marilyn became a successful journalist in Paris, France.

    Frances Parks, history teacher and counselor at Drake from 1951 to 1979 was the quintessential high school counselor. She is remembered for her lasting impact on the Drake community. 

    Joshua Portnoy, a 1996 Drake graduate, was totally immersed in the dramatic arts program. He attended the College of Marin and was planning to transfer to UC Davis at the time of his death in an automobile accident.

    Steve and Randy Schaffer, Drake graduates in 1967 and 1970. Steve had a mechanical mind, worked in a plastics factory and enjoyed collecting and restoring cars. Randy played basketball, enjoyed gardening and worked for the state parks system and Public Works Dept. in San Rafael. He was a backpacker and rock climber. Their mother established the scholarship in their memory.

    Nicholas (Nick) Shea, a 2003 Drake graduate and a passionate student of literature and music composition. He was a natural athlete who excelled on the baseball diamond, twice earning varsity letters. Nick earned a BS from San Diego State in 2007, and after graduation he returned home where he continued to write poetry & authored a book & several musical scores. His family and friends will always admire his gentle nature, wit, sarcasm, and cherished soul.

    Gary Sorgen, a brilliant student at both Redwood and Drake High Schools. He was enrolled at Williams when he died in a traffic accident. A student of languages, excellent musician and marathon runner, Gary was a leader.

    Daniel Joseph Vacha, graduate of 1964, died in a tragic car accident the summer after graduating. Dan was outstanding as a student, a leader, and an athlete.

    Archie Williams, Drake teacher for 21 years until his retirement at age 72. His love of teaching and helping students is legendary. As a young man, Archie represented the United States in the 1936 Olympics and won gold and silver medals in track and field.

    The Drake Faculty Scholarship honors Martha Duff, who taught innovative homemaking courses from 1956 to 1974; Evelyn Leedy, Drake teacher and administrator; Miles McColm, Spanish teacher and counselor at Drake from 1952 to 1965; Muriel McCrum who was dean of girls at Drake from 1951 to 1958; and Francis P. Shafer, assistant principal at Drake whose entire educational career was spent in the Tamalpais District.

    The Drake Alumni and Community Scholarship Drake alums Bill Onorato, Randy Franklin, Rashaan Jackson, and Vincent C. Milani, as well as school and community members of the Lindenbaum Family and the Fairfax Police Officers Association are remembered by this award. Bill Onorato, a 1976 graduate, attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Randy Franklin, who completed his sophomore year in 1979, will be remembered as a musician and athlete. Rashaan Jackson, a 1989 graduate, was a member of the football team. Vincent Milani, a 1988 graduate, was an active and intelligent student who became an attorney. Mary and Jacob Lindenbaum's three children graduated from Drake, where Mary was PTA president and active in the American Field Service Experiment in International Living. The Fairfax Police Officers Association encourages good citizenship and academic performance.