• Coach Bob Franceschini

    Coach Bob Franceschini, a much loved and respected Drake teacher and coach for 31 years. As head football coach from 1958 to 1973, he led his team to four MCAL championships. Before he became a teacher, Bob received numerous awards as a football player in high school and college.

                                                    Previous Winners

    Year Name
    2019 Isabella Moynihan
    2018 Victoria Brown
    2017 Jackson Saavedra
    2016 Kevin Miles
    2015 Jacob Couture
    2014 Sam Waterstone 
    2013 Elias Plunkett
    2012 Thomas Gazzoli
    2011 Lindsay Rogers
    2010 Cooper Scarborough
    2009 David Crosse
    2008 Jon Judkins
    2007 Tilden Roettger
    2006 Roxanne Hulme
    2005 Andrew Smock
    2004 Brendan Cooper
    2003 Brice James Losey