• Poetry
    Fall 2012
    Mr. Doherty
    Hello, poets. This class is about developing poetic skills. That means systematically practicing those things that make all poems better: what we'll call the poetry elements. We'll practice these elements on their own sometimes, but mostly by writing (and developing and revising) poems, which will take many forms, and by sharing our work both aloud and in print. With all this sharing, maintaining a supportive environment for expressing personal truths and for trying new styles is mandatory, of course. We'll also read lots of different kinds of poems and make a serious effort to notice how the poets achieved their effects: what poetry elements they used, and how. 
    The calendar of due dates and classwork is here.   
    My grading policy is that each poem or assignment will be scored using a rubric based on the poetry element(s) being practiced. You may turn in multiple drafts of work early or come during tutorials to get help with development and revisions. You may revise work after it was graded, but then you get the revised grade minus a late penalty; hopefully it's still worth it.  Credit is reduced 10% for being between an hour and a week late, and 25% for being between a week and a month late. After that, it's not accepted. Extra credit is available for turning in original poems or poetry analysis that's not from the past or from another class, or for attending or participating in poetry-related activities such as local slams (through Youthspeaks, for example) or open mics or Drake's Poetry Club. Extra credit maxes out at 5% of your semester grade and is not accepted in the last 2 weeks of the semester. 
    Hopefully this poetry stuff will all be meaningful and fun for you. If not, you're not doing it right. If you're willing to learn, I can help with that.
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