• Q: How do I view Powerpoint slideshows posted on the website if I don't have Microsoft Powerpoint?
          Ans: You have two choices: 1) Download and install Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13  or 2) Upload the slideshow to your Google Drive and open with Google Slides.
    Q1: What can I revise?
          Ans: You can revise assignments that are essays, papers or written projects.  The purpose of my revision policy is to help you improve your writing.  Shorter assignments that are assessments for understanding concepts or part of a larger project, like a bibliography are not possible for revision since you will be re-doing or augmenting the material in a future draft.
    Q1a: What do I need to submit a revision?
        Ans: It is usually best to talk to me first so you are clear on what you need to revise.  Then make sure you have the original and the rubric and/or assignment.   These MUST be submitted by the revision date: Original Assignment, filled in rubric (by me) when appropriate, original submission, revised submission.
    Q2: What if I need to make up a quiz or get help and can't come to SMART period?
          Ans: Email me then plan to come in before school either Thursday or Friday, after school on Tuesdays and Fridays or at lunch on Mondays or Thursdays.  I am in Room 705 at these times.
    Q3: Do I always have to cite my sources?
          Ans: Yes.  You must cite any source outside of the textbook you consult for any assignments.  Use Chicago citation for social studies classes and MLA for English.
    Q4: Where do I find handouts that are assigned for homework?
          Ans: These are linked in Google Classroom.  You may submit photographs of written assignments or write in the copy provided in Google Classroom classwork.
    Q5: What if I have to read an article online that Mrs. Kemp has linked?
          Ans: Click on the tab for your course (on the left of my home page) then go to the daily calendar for your course.
    Q6: How do I set up a Google Folder?
          Ans: Follow the instructions here: Using Google Drive
    Q7: How do I upload a document to my Google Folder?
          Ans: Open your folder for my class.  If the document is from my website, go to my website and open the document then save it to the desktop.  In your Google Drive, click "New" then "File Upload".  It will browse the computer so be sure to look on the desktop then upload the handout.
    Q8: How do I upload a document to my Google Folder on a Chromebook?
       Ans: Go to my website and download the assigned sheet from the "handouts" page.  Then, open your Google Drive account, click on "New" then "Upload".  What should come up is the document (handout) you have just downloaded.  Save it to your file.  You can also cut and paste the text from the handout into a Google Doc in your folder.
    Q9: Why can't I see my grade in the class?
       Ans: Read a full explanation under the "Grades" tab at the website.  In short, you receive scores for every assignment that is submitted  In most cases you will get multiple scores out of 4 that show your progress on specific aspects of the assignment such as "Using evidence to support your argument."  These scores will be indicated on the rubric and/or in Google Classroom.
Last Modified on August 19, 2020