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    Integrated Science 3-4 Course Policies

    Ms. Kittay

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    Welcome to Integrated Science 3-4! This is the exciting and challenging sequel in a two year lower division sequence of science courses required at Redwood High School. The Integrated Science program is laboratory-based and uses a thematic approach to address scientific content in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics and earth science. This year we will focus on the following units of study:

    First Semester: Experimental Design, Populations and Agriculture, Resources

    Second Semester: Experimental Design, Vertebrate Evolution, Islands

    Class Expectations

    ·       Be POSITIVE. You have a choice every day regarding the attitude you will embrace for that day. A positive attitude will enhance the learning environment for you and other students.

    ·       Be RESPECTFUL…of yourself, your classmates, the classroom and materials, and of me.

    ·       Be RESPONSIBLE. Come to class on time and with requested materials everyday and prepared to give your best effort.


    Suggested Materials – Bring all materials to class everyday:

    ·       3-ring binder* with paper (see binder section on the other side)

    ·       Pens and Pencils with eraser

    ·       Scientific calculator**

    ·       Textbook upon teacher request

    **Students will have access to a class set (30) calculators. Students will be happiest with their own calculator.

    Food/Drink – This is a working laboratory. No food or drink other than bottled water is allowed in the classroom.

    Technology -iPods, cell phones, personal computers, or other electronic devices may NOT be used in the classroom.

     Absences – It is important to promptly make up work that is missed due to absences. Find out what you missed by checking the posted agenda, checking the classroom binder, calling a classmate or speaking with me when you return. You will normally need to make up missed assignments in the same number of days that you were absent. Remember it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are always caught up. Assignments missed due to unexcused absences will not be accepted. This is not posted on my website by design. 

    Late Work – Unless prior arrangements have been made, late assignments will NOT be accepted. Do not expect to be granted an extension – assume due dates are firm. Each student will receive three homework passes. These may be used to turn in homework for full credit up to one week of the original due date. They may NOT be used for labs or projects.

    Grades – Grades are determined using a point system. Each assignment is given a certain number of points possible, determined by the amount of time and work required to complete the assignment. Grades are based on the points earned divided by the points possible.  Grades will be posted periodically throughout the semester. This is usually done on Friday afternoon. Please check your grades by clicking the "grades online" link at the home page of my website. Please speak with me if you feel there is an error.

    What to do if you need extra support:

    As we begin this semester, my wish is to see each of you succeed and demonstrate your best work. I am fortunate to teach a subject as intrinsically interesting as science. Most students enjoy the applicable nature of the course material and leave this class fascinated by the complexity of our world. Some students even become inspired to pursue a scientific career. Though science is an interesting topic, it can be a challenge to many students. Be consistent in your effort so that you do not fall behind. Regular attendance is crucial to school success. Make every effort class every day. If you do need extra support you must ask for help. I am eager to provide you the help you need to be successful. I am available before school and during SMART period in room 211. I am also available after school by appointment. Make it a point to schedule time with me whenever you have a question or are unclear about course material.


    In order to help you learn basic organizational skills, and to help you keep track of class materials, a 1 1/2” 3-ring binder is a requirement for this class. The large volume of handouts used in this course will make it impossible for you to use the binder for any other class. Please bring this binder and 8 tabs to class on Monday, August 27, 2018. We will organize together on this day.

    Binder Organization

    You will need 8 tabs to divide your binder into the following sections (in this order):

    1.   Reference

    2.    Integrated Inquires (warm-ups)

    3. Experimental Design Section

    Semester 1 units:

    4. Populations

    5. Resources

    Semester 2 units:

    6. Vertebrate Evolution

    7. Islands

    8. Extra credit – Extra credit opportunities will be available throughout the semester. A student may earn a maximum of 20 extra credit points in one semester.

    Binder Grading

    Your binder should be updated at all times and brought to class every day. Binders may be collected and graded without advanced notice.

    Binders will be graded at the end of each unit; twice a semester. These end of unit binder checks will be announced.


    I have read and understand all of Ms. Kittay’s policies.



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