THE TAMALPAIS UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT is dedicated to the development of creative, passionate, and self-motivated learners. Upon graduation, students will be prepared for engaged citizenship and able to contribute individually and collaboratively in order to address the challenges of a dynamic and diverse world. To these ends, all students will demonstrate mastery of core competencies and will be offered meaningful learning experiences to enable them to access and critically analyze information, pose substantive questions, and communicate effectively.


    Adopted by the Board of Trustees 25-August-2009


    Mission Statement Map

    How do we apply the mission statement to our work? This document is an early version of how we plan to implement the mission in our classrooms. It maps the mission statement language to definitions, and then to what we believe these things look like in our classrooms. We will be refining this over time, and it will help guide decisions that impact our instructional programs.

    – Mission Map (2010-Jan)