• Redwood Football Alumni
    Post-High-School Playing Experience

    We are proud of our Redwood Football alumni who are playing football in college.
    Given the number of our boys playing rugby in college, and the growing popularity of the sport,
    we are also including them in this list. 

    Zach Ginsburg '21, Washington University in St. Louis

    Thomas Johnson '21, Chapman University

    Ryan Marshall, '21 University of California Berkeley (rugby)

    Matt Smalbach '20, Macalester College

    Billy Gramajo '20, K, Lainey College
    Joe Calzaretta '20, LB, College of Idaho

    Nick Janowsky, '20, United States Naval Academy (rugby)

    Luke McKernen, '20, Cal Poly (rugby)
    Sam Warrren '19, WR, Syracuse University

    Alex Aguero, '19, University of California Berkeley (rugby)

    Wiley Geiger, '18, Cal Poly (rugby)
    Nick Calzaretta ’17, RB, College of Idaho
    Alex Wilson,’17, TE, San Diego State
    Billy Lewis, ’17, NG, Carroll College

    Kyle Fulton '17, University of Arizona (rugby)
    Jake Curhan ’16, OL, California
    Enzo Tallerico '16, Claremont McKenna College
    Alex Kosinski, ’15, OG, University of Arizona
    Sam Perrella ‘11, OL, Claremont McKenna College
    Nick King ‘09, DE, UC Davis
    Alex Monetta ‘08, TE, University of Arizona
    Grayson Galloway, ’07, QB, Montana State
    Cooper Helfet ’07, WR, Duke University

    Sean Ricucci, ’06, WR, University of San Diego
    Adam Steinberg ‘06, RB, Lewis & Clark College

    Jesse Knowles ‘03, LB, UC Davis
    Ryan Altick ‘02, Pitzer College
    Taylor Batt ‘02, DB, Columbia University
    Chris Ching ‘02, Pomona College

    Keegan Dresow ‘02, Pomona College
    Tyler Jank ’02, P, Harvey Mudd College
    Jonathan Levine ‘02, RB, University of Oregon
    Travis Peery ‘01, QB, Claremont McKenna College
    Brendan Darby, ’99, OT, San Diego State, Baltimore Ravens, SF 49ers 
    Mark Naranjo ‘99, DE, University of Nevada-Reno
    Gordy Reid ‘99, Florida State

    Jason Kristal ‘98, University of Arizona

    Mo Mortazavi ‘98, WR, UC Davis
    Charlie Dresow ‘98, Pitzer College