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    Petrograd       Rubric for Seminars

    I am available before and after school and during SMART. Email me if you want to be sure I am here. See me for help, suggestions, or just a quiet place to study. Come see me earlier rather than later.

    Email Contact

    I am happy to help you with questions or assignments. If you email me before 7pm I will respond that same day.

    HOWEVER, you have a role in this extended access: if you are absent it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact me for missed work. You should always check the calendar for the dates you are absent first, then send me questions.  Advanced email contact is preferred, but if you would like to talk in person after the absence see me outside of class.  

    I expect you to attend class, stay on top of assignments including readings, get work in on time and see me for help or even just to share an interesting experience. If you begin to fall short on any one of these expectations be sure to come see me so a) I can help you and b) I know you still care about your education.
    It would be helpful for you to remember that I regard your enrollment in my class as your choice and thus your responsibility (whether or not you acknowledge the compulsory nature of education...). Your parents are not my students. YOU need to see the value of your education and the quicker you realize that we both have a commitment and something to offer to eachother then the easier my course is going to be.

    Grading and Assessment…

    -Grades are determined by your ability to show your proficiency at acquiring outlined knowledge and skills over the course of the semester through assignments, quizzes, essays, seminars, and projects.

    -Everything I collect will be provided with feedback and returned to you.  You will have to view e-school to see a grade.  The feedback is what will help you to improve your work.

    -Scores on individual assignments are posted online. You will not see an average, because ultimately your grade is determined not by the average of your performances at various points in time, but ultimately where you have advanced to given the objectives of the course.  It is your responsibility to keep track of your work and progress and seek help if you fall behind.

    -Class attendance and preparedness comes through in the strength of your work.

    Cite all sources.  Footnotes and source citations should be in Chicago style.

    Late Work…

    -There is none.

    -All work is due by 3:30 pm on the due date.

    -If you miss a test or in-class essay and your absence is excused, you must make it up WITHIN one week of your absence.

    -If you have an excused absence, assignments are due the day you return; if your absence is unexcused or you are on campus but miss my class, your work is still due by 3:30pm.

    Finally: Aim to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE.
    U.S. Government
    U.S. History

Last Modified on February 15, 2017