• Requesting Next Year's Courses

    Students can request courses for the 2023-2024 school year by logging in to StudentVUE between January 20 and February 9. Please take your time and review the resources below, as these requests are NOT first-come, first-served. Students will have presentations from counselors on January 18 and sophomores will also meet with counselors during their PE class on January 23. Students should reach out to counselors with any questions, but please be patient as we are supporting hundreds of students through this process. Thank you!


    Scheduling information by grade level:

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    Resources for creating your schedule:

    AP/Honors Matrix 2021-22

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    Sophomore Webinar 2023

    Academy Info:

    If you're interested in joining an academy, please fill out this Google form: https://forms.gle/CBynv7A75U4CqWp98


    The Communications Academy (ComAcad)  is a two-year program for juniors and seniors that provides an opportunity for motivated students to combine their academic and artistic interests in an integrated, project-based program. A rigorous curriculum in Social Studies and English provides the core content, which is explored thematically in Digital Technology. In this class students learn design fundamentals as well as audio and video production. Students create videos and promotional materials which are screened for the community. We are a happy and friendly community. ComAcad: everybody teaches, everybody learns. For more information check out our YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/ComAcad or contact Greg Doherty (gdoherty@tamdistrict.org), Morgan Paar (mpaar@tamdistrict.org) or Francie Salle (fsalle@tamdistrict.org).



    SEA-DISC -

    “SEA-DISC stands for Students of the Environment Academy -Doing Integrated Studies Curricula. It is a two-year environmental and social justice academy dedicated to helping create a sustainable and just future. Our integrated projects are driven by environmental science, chemistry, and social studies. Working collaboratively in junior/senior teams, students focus on solving real-world problems through deep research and direct action.  Students can email sea-disc@tamdistrict.org with any follow-up questions. You can also check out our website at https://sea-disc.wixsite.com/academy to see details about our projects and other work.”



    TEAM -

    The Team Program is officially set to launch as a new Academy model program this fall at Archie Williams High School. Team is an experiential education program combining wilderness adventure, community service, internships, and cohort academic learning. The central mission of Team is to help students reconnect with a greater purpose in their lives. Through Team’s experiential education model, students can gain real world experiences in the outdoors, in their community services placements and internships,  and with a close knit community of peers and teachers. 

    In Team, students are reminded of a greater sense of belonging and meaning in their everyday lives, along with a recognition of how much of an impact they can make on the world around them. Now more than ever, students are looking for ways to be present with their peers in person and gain life long skills to help them succeed. This pandemic has taught us all that connecting through a screen is incredibly difficult, and some time immersed in nature can serve us all.  No prior wilderness experience is necessary and all gear is provided. This is a completely free program! We will start with a cohort of juniors during our launch year this Fall. 

    Team is truly a transformative 2 year model. It will help young people to find the HOPE and HEALING they are looking for.  You can visit our website at www.team-program.org/ to learn more! Email Diana Goldberg dgoldberg@tamdistrict.org and Jasper Thelin jthelin@tamdistrict.org with any further questions.



    Interested in Pathways? If you are a junior in the Tamalpais Unified High School District who is looking for an alternative educational setting for your senior year that includes access to college coursework, as well as internships in the field of your interest, and you are self-motivated, able to work independently, and seeking to have more voice and choice over your learning, Pathways is the program for you.

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