• Questionnaire for a Letter of Recommendation for College Applications from Mrs. Henn

    Please fill out this questionnaire and return it to me at least 3 weeks prior to your first deadline.


    1. What schools are you applying to and why have you chosen them?



    2. What are the mission statements of your top choice schools? You can just copy and paste them into this questionnaire.



    3.      3. What do you consider to be some of your strengths in regards to your accomplishments in math classes?



    4.      4. Did you work hard in math class? Give some examples of your hard work.



    5.   5. What are some of the weaknesses that you were able to overcome in math class? What strategies did you learn in math class that may contribute to your success academically in college?



    6.      6. Are you planning to study a math-related field in college? If, so, explain what you are interested in learning about.



    7.     7.  If not a math-related field, what are you thinking about majoring in in college?



    8.      8. What are some of your outside interests?




    List the schools, deadlines and form of submitting letter of recommendations

    Name of School

    Method of sending letter of recommendation (Common application? Online link to your college? By US mail (please include stamped and addressed envelopes)? Another method?)

    Deadline for submitting letter of recommendation