• Students and Parents:
    Make sure you know where your teachers are posting their assignments. Students will have their planners checked every time they have Academic Workshop. Ask your student to show you their planner at home! 
    Homework due 8/26/13
    1. Signed Syllabus and Class Expectations
    2. Student Planner 
    Academic Workshop Syllabus
    Class Expectations
    What to Bring to Academic Workshop: 
    1. Student planner to record your assignments, tests and projects
    2. Binders and textbooks from academic classes
    Course Goals:

    Welcome to Academic Workshop. This class is designed to help you increase and develop study skills. You will acquire skills that can be used both in the classroom and in the world. This course will challenge you to be organized, responsible and accountable, so you are prepared to accomplish your goals. This syllabus is intended to assist you with the expectations of this class. I am very excited to work with you this year!

     Course Structure:

    Academic Workshop is intended to support you in core content classes and with attaining your IEP goals. In addition to getting support with homework and assignments, you will also use learning logs to monitor your learning and practice comprehension strategies. During Academic Workshop, you will have the opportunity to regularly organize your materials and record your upcoming assignments, tests and projects. The more you are engaged in your learning process, the more successful you will be.



Last Modified on September 2, 2013