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    Monday Tuesday Thursday
    1/8-1/10 No School!

    Introduce New Unit-What is the age of responsibility?

    Quick write

    How Old Do You Have to Be? research assignment


    Finish work from Wednesday due to power outage

     Visit library to check out independent reading book

    Unit 4- What is the Age of Responsibility?
    Week One:
    The History of Hip Hop and Its Global Influence PowerPoint
    Letter Format to Author
    Writing Prompt and Graphic Organizer for Letter
    Brainstorm-Summary and Letter to the Author
    Analyze Text Structure
    Text Structure and Paragraph Purpose
    "Hip Hop Planet" Quick Write
    Expository Text Quick Write
    Survey the Text and Make Prediction
    Thank You, Ma'm" PowerPoint 9/3-9/6 
    As we read the story in class, answer the questions and flow the prompts on the slides. Don't forget to put your name on the first slide.  
    Link for in class survey 8/26/13:
    Homework due 8/26/13 
    1. Signed Syllabus and Class Expectations 
    2. Binder with 5 dividers, binder paper, pen and or pencil (*Binder can stay in the English classroom)
    Course Goals:
    Welcome to English! Our goal is to create a community of critical thinkers and problem solvers that read, write and speak effectively. We will be reading a variety of short stories, poetry, novels, and essays by both American and international authors. Additionally, we will work to sharpen our decoding skills, reading fluency, vocabulary development and comprehension. We will also write about what we read and make connections to the world and ourselves. 

    Required Daily Materials:

    2” Binder with the following dividers:
    1. Vocabulary
    2. Reading Skills
    3. Assignments
    4. Writing/Grammar
    5. Projects
    Binder Paper
    Pen and pencil
    Composition book for warm-ups



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