•  Art Exploration Fall 2014 Syllabus

    Overview of classroom rules/guidelines

    ·       No cell phones or music/earphones during class.

    ·       Arrive on time! I will mark you tardy.

    ·       Don’t leave early! I will mark you absent.

    ·       Use the restroom before or after class….not during.

    ·       Seating: free choice unless I decide to assign seats.

    ·       Eating is not the best choice in here as there are lost of materials that could combine with your food…not so healthy.

    ·       Respect each other, the studio, the materials, and me.

    ·       Clean up at the end of class is super important and part of your grade.

    ·       Using the materials properly and with care is also part of your grade.

    ·       Bullying of any sort will be identified and reported to the AP’s office. Please report any situation that is making you uncomfortable in the class and I will help you to resolve it.


    Projects and Assignments for the semester: What is Art Exploration?

    Art Exploration is an art survey class designed to introduce a variety of art making methods and materials, become familiar with the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, and develop art vocabulary through exposure to art history, art discussions and critiques.

     ·       R1 First grading period:  We will focus on learning to draw form and perspective using line, value and contrast, and will explore the many methods of creating composition.

    ·       R2 Second grading period: We will play with patterns, texture and color to create wonderful surfaces and experiment more with composition.

    ·       R3 Third grading period: The focus will be on 3D sculptures including ceramics and found objects.

    ·       One art history presentation will be required this semester that can be created as a PowerPoint, a collage, or an artwork.

    Project and assignment descriptions will be handed out as the semester progresses. I will put them on my teacher website for your access at anytime.

    Grades: This is a beginning art class and I want to encourage the best efforts a student has to give, regardless of the sophistication of the outcome or end product. Therefore, grading is divided into these areas:

    ·       Following Directions/completion of project

    ·       Effort towards and thoughtfulness of design

    ·       Craftsmanship/use of materials/work habits

    ·       Responsible Studio Conduct

    ·       Continual Development of skills

    I look forward to a fantastic art experience with you this semester!