• Contact Info - How you stay in touch with Mr. Gilmour.

    Where you can find me.

    Most times you can find me in Drawing and Painting room 400/Phoenix Hall or during 5th period in Room 510(photo). I get to school almost every day around 7:00-7:15 and you can find me in the Drawing and Painting room (usually). You are always welcome to come by with questions or just because you need a quiet/warm/dry place to be. 

    E-mail :zgilmour@tamdistrict.org

    If you can’t find me on campus this is the best way get in touch. I tend to check randomly throughout the day and once after I get home. Also if the e-mail address for you or your parent that the school has is not current, it would be great to have it. I periodically will send out reminders and other important info about the class


    415-380-3292 x 5054, The worst way to get a hold of me.


    I will be using the Remind app this year for quick reminders and to stay in touch when we go on field trips /drawing  excursions /etc. If you don’t have text or have limited amounts or some other problem with this please tell me so I know you will not be getting the texts I send out and we can figure something else out. Check your class page for signing up info

Last Modified on August 16, 2019