• Letters of Recommendations
    Email: mlevinson@tamdistrict.org
    Note: Letters of Recommendations are delivered directly to colleges and universities or submitted by teachers to the Common Application. Students never see the letters.
    If you would like a letter of recommendation, please do the following:
    1. Contact me to request a letter. The best method is email until we are physically back at school.
    2. Share 3 examples of your best writing from any class with me through Google Docs. 
    3. After I have confirmed that I will write you a letter, send me answers to the following questions. 1) Are there any specific Assignments/Projects/Units that you remember doing well on in my class. Be specific. What did you do specifically on the assignment? What did you do well? 2) What did you do in class to make you stand out? What do you feel was your strongest contribution to the class? 3) What are the 3 examples of your best writing that you shared with me through Goggle Docs, and why did you choose those examples? 4) What is your earliest application deadline?
    4. For recommendations not connected to the Common Application that must be emailed or mailed directly to colleges or universities, please give me email address for the admissions department or a stamped and addressed envelope.