• Capitalization Pre-Assessment                                 Name:


    Draw a double-underline under the letters that should be capitalized.


    while i was reading the catcher in the rye, my mom yelled, “y’all come downstairs and help!” she was talking to my sister and me. the “y’all” was because she was from the south.


    “no way,” my sister said. she yelled, “it’s sunday, mom!” she was wearing a juicy sweatsuit and drinking juice. in our religion, called beliefism, working on sunday is a terrible sin in the eyes of god.


    “at least call the doctor,” mom said. “the fridge fell on me again, just like last summer.”


    I said, “i’m calling doctor schneibel.” i hated the thought of my mom being squished until monday.


    “fine, but you’re going to hell,” my sister said.




    Capitalization Rules                                           

    •          Capitalize the pronoun “I.”
    •          Capitalize the first word in sentences.
    •          Capitalize the first word in a sentence in dialogue after the attribution (“He said, “Hello.”) but not the attribution after dialogue (“Hi,” she replied.)
    •          Capitalize names, brand and product names (except the i in iphone/ipad/etc.), book and movie and article and video game titles, band names, geographic areas (including informal ones like "The South" or "Rich's Cutty Corner"), days of the week, months, holidays, religions, nationalities, races, languages, and countries. In a way, these are all kinds of names.
    •          Capitalize “God” or any names or pronouns for Him/Her.
    •          Capitalize titles of people—Mom, Dad, Captain Courageous, Doctor Jones—when you use them as or with names; but do not capitalize those titles—my mom, my dad, my doctor—when you use them as a description (with “my” or “his/her/their/our”).
    •          Do not capitalize seasons (summer).
    •          Do not capitalize anything not on this list, such as random words in the middle of sentences.



    Capitalization Assessment:


    1.     Having studied the above rules, fix the answers on your pre-assessment all by yourself.

    2.     Below, write a very short story, like one on the pre-assessment, that includes at least one word from each bullet point above. Capitalize it correctly.

    3.     Dictate your story to your tablemate. Don’t tell them what the right answers are. Have him/her try to write it down capitalized correctly.

    4.      Switch: have them dictate their story to you, and you try to capitalize that correctly.

Last Modified on August 17, 2016