• Additional Standardized Testing Information

    The SAT and the ACT are accepted by almost every four-year college and university in the country that requires standardized test scores.  If a college requires one of these tests, they only require one so it is not necessary for students to take both exams.

    Each exam charges a fee but fee waivers are available in the College and Career Center for those who qualify. Please contact Lisa Neumaier (lneumaier@tamdistrict.org) for more information about fee waivers and note that if you qualify, you will need the fee waiver before you register for an official exam.
    Keep in mind, not all schools require standardized tests for admission. For more information, go

    New for 2018-19
    A growing number of colleges and universities are helping students with the financial burden of sending offical test scores by allowing students to self-report test scores. Click here for more information.
    Standardized Tests
    The format of the ACT and SAT are different and students may perform better on one or the other. Following is a description of the various standardized tests.


    The ACT is made up of tests in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. An optional Writing test is also available and we recommend students take the Writing portion as many colleges will require it.
    Click here for more information on each section of the ACT.
    Students can register for the ACT at www.actstudent.org 
    The SAT is made up of tests in Reading, Writing & Language, and Mathematics.
    Click here for more information on each section of the SAT.
    Students should register online for the SAT at www.collegeboard.org 
    Key differences between the SAT and ACT
    To compare SAT scores with ACT scores, click here

    Comparing PSAT and ACT Scores 

    Recommended Timing for Testing
    We recommend taking the the ACT or SAT in the spring of your junior year and SAT Subject Tests, if required, immediately following completion of the corresponding course, usually in June.  In the senior year, consider retaking the SAT in October after additional preparation over the summer. Students may also take tests in November and December of their senior year but should check with individual colleges for specific testing requirements and deadlines. SAT and SAT Subject Tests cannot be taken on the same day.

    Prior to taking the SAT, the PSAT/NMSQT is offered every October by the College Board. Most students take it in the fall of their junior year and the student’s score acts as a qualifier for the National Merit Scholarship Program (NMSQT), a large prestigious recognition and academic scholarship program. Although sophomores can also take the PSAT/NMSQT, only junior year scores qualify students for NMSQT.  

    For the Class of 2022, here is information for how students can be eligible for a National Merit Scholarship in lieu of taking the PSAT/NMSQT.

    Click here for some frequently asked questions about the PSAT. 

    If you took the PSAT/NMSQT, you can use those scores to unlock a free SAT study plan on Kahn Academy. After sharing your scores, your  Official SAT Practice experience will be completely customized to your strengths and weaknesses. All it takes is a few steps to link their College Board and Khan Academy accounts while signing up. Click here to learn more: https://signup.collegeboard.org/official-sat-practice/?SFMC_cid=EM262342-&rid=85175293

    Students testing with accommodations

    If the student plans to take the SAT, please see this page for information about how to acquire accommodations through College Board: https://www.tamdistrict.org/domain/1532

    If the student plans to take the ACT, the family should contact our SDD Coordinator, Kyle Eslman, to start the process to see if accommodations can get approved. Her email address is kelsman@tamdistrict.org.