•  Dear Seniors and Parents of Seniors,

    As you know, student parking at Tam is extremely limited.  Campus parking is allowed only for seniors with a parking permit in the Almonte lot on a first come, first served basis.  Students are NOT allowed to park in the Miller Avenue lot. Safety issues require that we enforce these rules, and we are asking for your cooperation.

    Recently there has been an increase in illegally parked cars.  Campus Staff Assistants have been asking students to move their cars, only to find those same cars parked in designated handicapped spots, staff spots, and other areas that are off limits.  Tam High has requested the assistance of law enforcement to help regulate the parking situation.  Officers will begin ticketing cars parked illegally on campus.  We ask you to respect our neighbors’ property as well, and remember that towing may occur if cars are parked illegally on private property.

    We also want to remind students to drive in a safe and lawful manner.  Drivers beware:  Officers will be stationed on Almonte and Miller Avenue to issue speeding tickets and other traffic infractions as necessary to ensure the safety of everyone. 

    Parents and Students --  Please be sure to drive carefully, especially in the morning when the sun’s glare can make visibility a challenge.  Take a few extra minutes to arrive safely, and remember to pull all the way up as far as possible in the Miller Avenue drop-off lanes.  Your help and consideration will make a difference and keep everyone safe.

    Thank you for your attention,

    Tam Administration