• Dear Families of the Class of 2018:

          June will be here before you know it and we would like to spend a bit of time preparing you for graduation.  It is sure to be a memorable time for your family and we are working hard to make our June 14th 6:00 p.m. graduation a celebratory event. To that end, our administrative team has met with the senior class and addressed some expectations as we head into the last months of school.

          We highlighted that participation in senior activities is a privilege earned by being a “Senior in Good Standing.”  The following outlines the requirements for being a senior in good standing which allows students to participate in graduation:

    Meet TUHSD graduation requirements.
    • Pass ALL classes.  Grades of “F” or Incomplete in any class may prevent students from participating in the ceremony. An “F” in a class required for graduating (for example, English) means a student will not earn a diploma.
    Attend classes.  Students who miss class, including Advisory/Tutorial, as a result of excessive (five or more) unexcused absences may be restricted from the ceremony.
    Behave appropriately.  Suspensions due to a serious offense (such as vandalism, fighting, harassment, or being under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol) may prevent one’s ability to participate in the ceremony and other senior activities, such as prom, senior picnic and other senior events. This also applies to any involvement in senior pranks or the non-school sanctioned “scavenger hunt”. We discussed this with the students in our meeting.
    Debt free. Return all books, materials, and uniforms and pay all outstanding bills.

    Please note these important dates:

    •March 16     Last day to drop a class
    •May 26        Junior/Senior Prom
    •June 11       Senior trip to Six Flags
    •June 12       Senior Check out/Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal (12:30-3:00)
    •June 13       Senior Activity Day/ Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal (12:30-3:00)
    •June 14       Senior Breakfast/ Graduation (6-7:30ish)

    Follow this LINK  to the Powerpoint Presentations that was presented to the seniors.


    Tamalpais High School Administration