• Essay Expo Course: Karen McCredie and Ellen Strempek

     Summer Assignments:  Due during Core appointment the week of August 22nd.

    1.     This fall you will be writing many different types of essays: narrative, persuasive, informational and learning about rhetorical strategies. But, for most seniors, the most important essay mode will be the “personal essay” in for your applications to whatever is beyond high school. The essay prompts will be asking you to write about your own experiences and values and dreams.

    We’ll be spending time helping you draft and shape those essays, but over the summer go to the two links below and read the “tips” for college essays and then the John Hopkins’ site to read some of the “best essays we received” models of writing.

    Tips for College Essays:


    Samples of good college essays:


    2.     “Once More to the Lake” by E.B. White

    Read the essay found on the link below by one of America’s best-loved essayists who not only wrote for The New Yorker magazine, but also wrote Charlotte’s Web!

    3.    Search for the essay “Once More to the Lake” by E.B. White on the internet. Print and read; bring your copy with you to your meeting along with your responses to the questions that you can find from the link below. Answer the four questions at the end of the essay and then write your own personal essay about an experience that you’ve had in the past about a special place or time in your life. Go beyond description and what happened, (though those are important!) to reflecting on why that place/experience/people involved are important in your life. Write several drafts. Most good writing is about RE-visioning….seeing your writing with new eyes. REVISE!!

    Click here for the four questions referenced above.

    4.     “Elements of Style” ….And speaking of E.B. White – one of his most famous books was written in collaboration with his mentor, William Strunk. It’s a small book that explains grammar and writing tips and it has a great section on style for writers. Please search out a copy (very cheap on Amazon!) or check one out from the library and read the section on style at the end. Feel free to read the whole book! It’s an excellent reference for this class as well as future college classes.

    When you’re done, write down 10 bullet points of points or tips that will help you as a writer. Bring ALL this work to your first Core Meeting