UC Application Information

    The UC application opens on August 1st and can be submitted between November 1st and November 30th. Learn more about applying to the UC here: http://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/how-to-apply/apply-online/
    Look up our school's UC "a-g" course list: http://hs-articulation.ucop.edu/agcourselist#/list/details/1331/
    Upcoming UC events for current seniors
    The UC application is an opportunity for students to convey information about their accomplishments, individuality and context. To assist students through the application process, UC has created a freshman presentation which provides guidance on how to thoroughly and accurately represent the students' academic and extracurricular achievements.
    Freshman Selection: Campus Policies & Procedures for Reviewing Freshman Applicants - find out if applying undeclared improves or detracts from your chances of admission, learn more about choosing an alternate major, most selective colleges/schools, etc. 
    Reminders for Freshman Applicants:
    1. Do not send official transcripts unless a UC campus directly contacts you to request it.
    2. Do not send letters of recommendation; UC does not require letters of recommendation. However, a campus may specifically request a letter or two directly from some applicants. If you receive a request for a letter of recommendation, it is suggested that you provide one by the deadline stated.
    3. After submitting your application, you can log into your application to review and, if necessary, change your telephone number, email, mailing address or report new SAT, ACT, TOEFL or International Exam Scores. You can also complete the application fee payments if this was not done when you submitted the application. 
    Other things to keep in mind:
    • Selected applicants to UC Berkeley will now have the opportunity to submit two letters of recommendation. Please click here for more information.
    • Please click here to learn more about how to obtain fee waivers in order to apply to the UC system.
    • Need help deciding how to rank UCSD's colleges? Click here.
    • This valuable PowerPoint was presented at the annual UC Counselors Conference in 2017 on the topic of the Personal Insight Questions. This PowerPoint gives tips for completing the freshman admission application.

    News as of Nov. 2020:

    The following outlines the Regents’ actions:

    • Test-optional for fall 2021 and fall 2022: Campuses will have the option to use ACT/SAT test scores in selection consideration if applicants choose to submit them, and will develop appropriate policies and procedures to implement the Board’s decision.
    • Test-blind for fall 2023 and fall 2024: Campuses will not consider test scores for California public and independent high school applicants in admissions selection, a practice known as “test-blind” admissions. Test scores could still be considered for other purposes such as course placement, certain scholarships and eligibility for the statewide admissions guarantee.
    • New standardized test: Starting in summer 2020 and ending by January 2021, UC will undertake a process to identify or create a new test that aligns with the content UC expects students to have mastered to demonstrate college readiness for California freshmen.
    • Elimination of the ACT/SAT test requirement: By 2025, any use of the ACT/SAT would be eliminated for California students and a new UC-endorsed test to measure UC-readiness would be required. However, if by 2025 the new test is either unfeasible or not ready, consideration of the ACT/SAT for freshman admissions would still be eliminated for California students.
    • Elimination of writing test: The University will eliminate altogether the SAT Essay/ACT Writing Test as a requirement for UC undergraduate admissions, and these scores will not be used at all effective for fall 2021 admissions.