Redwood Bark

Advanced Journalism

  • Welcome!  I’m honored to be advising two Advanced Journalism classes as we embark on a journey with one of the most interesting and most potent high school newspapers in the country, The Redwood Bark.  The two sections of this course spend many hours of creative energy to produce outstanding work for the website and the traditional printed paper, which comes out once per month. Advanced Journalism students are paired up with Nonfiction students ("Cubbies") who are taking the prerequisite course, mentoring them through the process of writing and photographing for the real world. 

    Layout ("Paste-up") dates and dates of publication are found in the Bark handbook given to each student and are accessible on their Google calendar.  It’s possible that dates can change depending upon unforeseen events. Online, each story project is posted as it is written, with a constant stream of deadlines.  Because we aim to mirror the ever-changing world of multi-media journalism, students are encouraged to use innovative and interactive ways to tell their stories on our website,  



  • For all announcements, see our class Facebook page, open to members of this course only. 

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