Jordan Doering

    “As excited as I was to go to college and get away from home it was at the same time terrifying. The idea of moving to a place where I knew no one for 300 miles and having to meet an entirely new group of people was a scary one. On my first day in the dorms I started talking to everyone I could and it turned out they were much more afraid than I was. There were a lot of tense moments where people would rather sit in silence than talk to each other. I met my best friend by asking him if he was also a freshman while he was examining his shoes in an effort to avoid eye contact with others before a class.


    “It didn’t always work out though; sometimes I would start a conversation with someone and it would be a horridly uncomfortable dance of trying to come up with things to say. One time a girl in the dining hall got up and left right after I asked her if the chair next to her was taken. But that’s okay because when you get to college it’s all about throwing yourself out there and seeing what sticks. Ignore that voice in your head that tells you not to take those risks; everyone else is scared too, and when you do the work of breaking the ice for them they’ll genuinely appreciate it.”


    Jordan Doering ~ Class of 2013

    2nd Semester Freshman

    CSU Long Beach