This is not a myth, but a reality. Sean Campbell is a current senior with a 3.8 GPA and an 1820 SAT.  He has taken 2 AP courses in his high school career (Calculus and Chemistry).  He applied to these five universities:


    • Virginia Polytechnic InstitutSean Campbell e
    • Penn State
    • Montana State
    • University of Utah
    • University of Washington

    “I visited some more prestigious schools

    and realized that just because they’re harder to get into

    doesn’t mean that they’re right for me.”



    Sean was offered admission to all five schools.  This demonstrates that working hard and selecting colleges wisely can result in plenty of viable options.  When you review the list, you will notice that many of the names we often hear are missing.  That is because Sean made his college decisions based on his knowledge of himself and what he wanted to pursue in the future. 

    Is Sean a perfect student?  No one is perfect, but Sean made the perfect choices to fit his ambitions.  He did an excellent job of knowing the reality of the admissions arena and how he compared to the field of applicants.  He selected wisely. 

    Class of 2014