• 43% of 9th graders and 75% of 11th graders report having used alcohol one or more times.
    • 30% of 9th graders and 60% of 11th graders report having used marijuana one or more times.
    • 26% of 9th graders and 34% of 11th graders report chronic sad or hopeless feelings in the past 12 months.
    • 17% of 9th graders and 20% of 11th graders reported they seriously considered attempting suicide in the past 12 months.
    • Over 50% of students say they don’t know if help is available or think help is not likely available at school to help them reduce their use of alcohol or other drugs.



    Only 30% of youth who have mental health needs get treatment, even among those with insurance and adequate financial resources. i Of those 30% of students receiving treatment, over 70% receive their mental health treatment/services in the school setting. ii 

    50% of Bay Area teens report headaches, difficulty sleeping and exhaustion due to stress over the past month. iii 

    73% of students listed academic stress as their number one reason for using drugs, yet only 7% of parents believe teens might use drugs to deal with stress. iv

    Teen girls who have access to a Wellness Center are more likely to get reproductive preventive care. v

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