GEOMETRY UNIT 6.5 "Trinequalities"

    Mon 1/25/2016

    Tue 1/26


    Wed-Thur  1/26

    Fri 1/29

    Indirect Reasoning, INDIRECT PROOFS & UNIQUE PARALLEL / PERPENDICULAR Lines worksheet  


    Exterior Angle Inequality

    (Euclid's Proof, Deductive Proof, Indirect Proof)



    Inequalities in 1 Triangle -The Triangle Inequality -Opposite Angles/Sides

    Opposites Inequalitites w.s.

    Triangle Inequality notes Puzzle Proofs


    Inequalities in 2 Triangles SAS/SSS-Hinge Theorems

    Mon 2/1


    Tue-Wed 2/2-3 minimum day 1-3

    Thu-Fri 2/5

    GEOMETRIC MEANS worksheet

    Unit 6.5 Problem "Trinequalities"
    Due Monday 2/8


    Pythagorean Video/Converse w.s.
    Who wants to me a mathematician?

    p. 326 (5-23 all, 26-27, 31-32, 40-45)

    QUIZ 6.5 (Inequalities)

    HW packet 6.5 Due

     Pythagorean Triples w.s.
    see pictures below for solutions

     Special Right Triangles

    45-45-90, 30-60-90

    p. 335 (5-7, 10-38) 


     PT Baby Pythag

    PT Plato Fib
    Analyze the data in the tables above to think critically when answering the questions on the back side:
    PT 6-7  
    PT 5-11  
    #10 is a review of linear systems of equations.  Recall how to solve
    x + y = 34
    x  - y = 16
    HINT:  Add both EQs to eliminate y.  Subtract both EQs to eliminate x.
    A little taste of advanced algebra follows.  Persevere through it with algebra skills.
    PT 12-13
    For future mathematicians:
    PT 15  
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