• All students new to Tam need to be enrolled into the math class that best fits their abilities.
    Due to COVID-19 and Distance Learning, we are placing 9th grade students based on the class they successfully completed in the 8th grade.
    Students successfully completing Math 8, will start at Tamalpais in Algebra 1.
    Students successfully completing Algebra 1, will start at Tamalpais in Geometry.
    Students successfully completing Geometry, will start at Tamalpais in Advanced Algebra.
    *Please make sure to provide transcripts with scores from previous math courses so we can place your student correctly.
    (Incoming 9th graders take the SB359 the first few weeks of school to help inform how much math they have been exposed to and what needs they may have.)
    Student taking courses during the summer must present transcripts before their placement will be changed.
    Please check the link for Honors Course Information.
Last Modified on February 3, 2021