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    Amnesty Scavenger Hunt, brought to you by Scavify! 
    Our team has been working around the clock to bring RHS's first ever scavenger hunt. And what better way to launch this pilot hunt than helping millions of people around the world in the process! From April 27 to May 1st we will have our hunt open to the entire school.
  •  Scavify Quick Help 

    Email/iMessage Submission  
    Don't worry! Chances are we got your email/text.
    Our team is committed to responding as fast as possible. However we can't always respond ASAP. In fact, for all task related content, we will email you back by 10pm. All tasks submitted after 10pm will be processed either in the morning or the evening of the next day
    It works like this: You submit your email or text message. Our team will process your message, and verify that you in fact completed this task. We will then send you an email back with a unique code. Simply just paste this code into the text field, and hit submit. Your points will be redeemed then. Again, if you complete a task that requires email/text submission, you will not get points right away. 
    Please submit all applicable content to redwoodamnesty@gmail.com
     Don't hesitate to contact us about points if you did not receive them or if the verification code didn't work. 

  • How to Join and User Interface

    To Join 
    1. Download 'Scavify' from your phone's app store (Thats right! We support all mobile platforms)
    2. Create an account
    3. Find the Amnesty Hunt by either searching (in the upper right hand corner) or tap 'Find Nearby. Tap the Amnesty Hunt and tap Join
    Done! Thanks for joining! Happy hunting
    User Interface 
    Announcements: Our team will keep you up to date with regularly changing information. Be sure to read it!
    Profile: You can see your personal points as well as any photos that you have posted
    Leaderboards: Who's number one? Get a live updating leaderboard of the competition as well as your ranking
    Photo Steam: Shh don't tell Scavify; it's basically instagram. Whenever a player takes a photo, it will post to the photo stream where all the other players can see. You can like as well as comment on your own or other player's photos 
    Tasks:  List of tasks you can complete for points. There are four main tasks:
    1. Photo Challenge: This task requires you to take a photo (All photos submitted are made public)
    2. QR Code Challenge: This requires you to find the QR code. Once you find it, just open the task. It'll take you to your camera. Just hold your phone in front of the QR code to read it.
    3. Q&A Challenge: Just type in the right answer! Careful, all answers are CASE SENSITIVE and require exact answers
    4. Q&A Code Challenge: These challenges require that you either text or email redwoodamnesty@gmail.com (more information of what to email in each tasks). We will send you back an email/text with a unique code. Paste this code into the answer field and hit submit. See Scavify Quick Help and Tips for more info
  • Q&A

  • iMessage Support

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    Your answers are just a couple inches away! Check Scavify Quick Help for a more detailed report

    Still can't find what your looking for? Dont hesitiate. Email or text us at redwoodamnesty@gmail.com

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  • My Points were lost! How do I get them back?

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    Don't worry, our team keeps a backup of points. If you lose points, we would be happy to hear your appeal! Those who falsly claim to be missing points can face rejection from participating.

    All claims (Email only): redwoodamnesty@gmail.com

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  • Meetings: Friday Lunch, 185  
    Email: redwoodamnesty@gmail.com 
    Remind Text Alerts: text @rhsamnesty to 81010
    Instagram: @redwoodamnesty 
    Youtube: Redwood Amnesty 
    Tech Emergency: aqueousplanet@gmail.com