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    Scavenger Hunt Information
  • So what exactly is going on?

    Great question (we sometimes wonder ourselves). We are piloting a new school wide competition that will benefit millions of people. Over the course of these five days, our club benefits from increase awareness. Amnesty International benefits from increased awareness as well as more action taken. Other school clubs benefit from our pilot program with Scavify (We are looking for partners for our next event! Please contact us if your interested). Our community benefits from increased awareness about our world. And finally, the millions of people who are tortured, abused, beaten, and killed now have more light shed on them and more action to free these people is taken. You can make a change.
    This pilot hunt is open to ONLY RHS STUDENTS AND FAMILY. Don't worry, in the future we will have more community based events! 
  • How can I get involved and save lives?

    We encourage everyone at redwood, as well as parents to get involved in our Scavenger Hunt. RHS Students only! Sorry. Your participation helps save lives.
    At the end of the week, if you are still interested in making a change, we meet Fridays at lunch in room 185. We are always recruiting! 
    One of the biggest impacts you can have is by signing petitions. We encourage downloading the Amnesty International USA App which makes signing petitions super easy. Your voices can matter!
    Lastly, funding is something that organizations like Amnesty can truly benefit from. Consider donating to Amnesty International or the RHS Amnesty International club. Your donations are greatly appreciated!
    If you aren't at Redwood don't worry! We are happy to help set up a club at your school. Just shoot us an email. Don't be afraid. We are expanding our reach more into our community. 
  • Prize List

    Prizes will be awarded to top ranking players and those who reach a certain amount of points
    Top Ranking Players can pick from a suggested prize or anything still available 
    Grand Prize: FitBit Charge HR
    Gift Cards:
    -Veggie Grill Gift Card(s) 
    -Amazon Gift Card (2x$25)
    -Whole Foods Gift Card ($25)
    -Blue Barn Gift Card 
    -Planet Juice Gift Card 
    -Sees Candy Gift Card 
    -FitBit Charge HR 
    -Customized phone/tablet case (Casetify) 
    -UE Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    -Phone portable charger/flashlight 
    -Donation in your name to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund with a professional framed photo from Nepal 
    -Professional Framed Photo 
    -Eos Lip Balm Pack
    -Film a Karaoke Duet with Mr. Dibbley for Redwood TV  
    -Crepe Breakfast for 4 with Hot Chocolate
    -Artisan Chocolate
    -Sustainable Agriculture Produce Grocery Bag 
    -9 Packs of Gum
    -Box of Nutella Dipping Yumminess
    -Huge Box of Original Oreos
    -Box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 
    Concept Ideas:
    A few ideas we are considering 
    -Ice Cream Sundae Party for you and 4 others after school
     -Lunch Delivered. Choose a restaurant, and what you want. We will deliver it to you at lunch
    -Donut Party for your class
    -Ear Buds
    -Art supplies
    -Susie Cake Coupon 

  • Meetings: Friday Lunch, 185  
    Email: redwoodamnesty@gmail.com 
    Remind Text Alerts: text @rhsamnesty to 81010
    Instagram: @redwoodamnesty 
    Youtube: Redwood Amnesty 
    Tech Emergency: aqueousplanet@gmail.com